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The information presented here is intended to give you ideas on what you can accomplish to have distinctive products and packaging.  This information does not cover all options, lead times and circumstances, so it is important that you call us to discuss in detail what you want to accomplish.
Good Things…            June 2010
An update of new products, services and ideas
This is our fourth issue of Good Things.  As you will see, it is evolving as we try to make it a useful tool for you and a way for us to keep you informed of our fast-changing product line.

6-packs are gaining popularity. Here is how we can work together to supply you bottles and jars in 6-packs.  Pack Options
Colored Glass is not easy to find, but here are a couple of options for youColored Glass
Shared truckloads can save you on freight cost.    Shared truckloads into more markets
Used Equipment.  Beginning this month, we will list equipment and materials that some of our customers have for sale.  Follow this link to see what is offered and to tell us what you have for sale or are looking for.  Free listings.  Used Equipment
Price Increases coming?  China announced this week that they will begin to let their currency float a little more than in the past.  Their initial adjustment was very small, and we think they will only allow slow adjustments over several years.  We expect North American glass prices to rise at about the same pace, so we do not expect any major industry changes.  Overseas freight rates recently increased for the peak consumer goods shipping season.  There is a fairly good chance that those seasonal rates may be made permanent.  We suggest that you continue to avoid making long term price commitments to your customers.  The economy remains unpredictable.
All glass is "Green."  Some comments by Rob Boord, V.P. Sales on the benefits of packaging your products in glass.  Glass is Green
Inventory changes
100ml Tureens will be back in stock by October.  We are out of stock at the moment because they were discontinued, but we found a way to restore this good seller to our inventory.  Call us for details.  100ml Tureen
640ml Tureen discontinued.  We did all we could to save this largest of our Tureen jars, but slow sales and large minimum reorder requirements mean it does not sell fast enough to keep in stock. 
Specials.  See our updated web page listing items we are offering special prices on.  Some items are discontinued and/or available in limited quantities only.  Specials
New Items IN STOCK NOW!  (Click on the picture to see a larger picture and drawing)
        4oz Square Jar                     250ml Oil Bottle                       4 oz Old Fashion
12 oz Ring Necks, new mold.  Extra-good quality and roundness.  If you need accurate labeling, you will love this bottle.  The manufacturing process minimizes scrap glass, too, so it benefits your green image with your customers.  12 oz Ring Neck, CP-01
New molds. Here are some of our newer items that are not yet stocked in Memphis but will be when we have commitments from customers for (usually) 50,000 pieces to be delivered within 6 months following arrival in Memphis.  We can combine your needs with other customers' needs to reach this minimum.  Check them out and let us know what you may be planning.
              R-1193, 16 oz Salsa Jar
              R-1194, 24 oz Pickle Jar
              R-1199 16 oz Mayo Jar
              R-1195, 4 oz Paragon Jar
Trade Shows. 
New York NAST Fancy Food Show June 27-29. Rob and Cindy will walk the show.  We are not exhibiting this year.  If you are exhibiting, they will be stopping by to see you.  Call or email any of the three of us to let us know if you have something specific that you would like to discuss with us at the show.  If you are interested in the Fancy Food Show, this link is to their website.   Fancy Food Show
Rob covers Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana and Midwestern states + Miami and Orlando areas.
Cindy covers Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia + Northern Florida
Bob covers Texas and Oklahoma + Tampa, Florida area.
The National Candle Association is having their annual convention and trade show July 6 - 9 at the Disney Yacht and Beach Club Resort in Orlando.  We do not attend or exhibit at this show, but we would like to hear from any of our candle customers who have attended it.  Their website is www.candles.org.

We will close on these dates:
June 24 - Inventory
We close 4 days each year to carefully count our inventory of over 5,000,000 pieces.  Telephone calls will take you to our answering machine for the day.   We will not be able to ship on the 24th or the 25th.  Normal business will resume on June 28.
July 5 - July 4 Holiday     
We will be closed on Monday, July 5.
Your ideas for Good Things.  Well, you've read our June issue.  We hope you will email us with your comments and ideas to help us make this a useful newsletter for you.